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Organizing an audiovisual collection can seem overwhelming. We want to help you through this process in any way we can. Whether your collection consists of dozens or thousands of items, it is important that you know what you have and how to access it.


We provide collection assessment services for small - medium sized audiovisual collections. These assessments can be provided at your location. Assessment includes, but is not limited to, the following:


  • Identification of holdings

  • Assessment of condition of elements

  • Item level cataloging

  • Rehousing

  • Recommendations for digitization/preservation services

  • Recommendations for collection maintenance moving forward


Our collection assessments are tailored for each individual or organization’s needs. Each audiovisual collection is distinct, unique, in terms of both physical media and visual content. In the same vein, each client has a different set of requirements - perhaps you are trying to manage a decades long personal collection, or you want to establish digitization priorities for an institution’s archive. We will work with you to establish the correct assessment plan for your collection. We aim to ensure that you receive the assistance you need to move forward confidently and successfully with your preservation initiative.

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